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Double D Leather SDC 2300 Padded Control Box Cover For GPX


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Denier padded control box cover with removable foot.

Constructed out of heavy duty duracord material (tough, waterproof) on the outside, padded with dacron, finished with webbing edges.  Made so you can fold your machine up without taking the cover off.  It has a mesh screen over the speaker and a protective flap over the control panel.  It also has a removable, molded, front foot, covered in webbing.  This foot is designed to make the machine stable as well as keeping the control box off the ground.

Recommended, tested and approved by local prospectors. This is an original 'Double D'  Padded denier control box cover, straight from the manufacturer.

1000gm padded denier control box cover.  Solid construction, double stitched.  Protect your investment, keep your detector in the best possible condition for resale value.


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