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Buy an Equinox 600 Online and Harness the Latest in Metal Detector Technology in Australia

The challenge inherent in prospecting is one of the key reasons it's such an enjoyable pursuit. The moment when your metal detector goes off, and you uncover the first flake of the day is a thrill second to none. When you're out in the field, you face plenty of challenges: the highly-mineralised soil commonly found across Australia; the often unforgiving weather conditions; and the need to trek away from home to find good prospecting locations. With all that on your plate, your equipment shouldn't be something that adds to the challenge.

Instead, it should work with you — not against you. At Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting, we understand what works best in the field because it's where we spend our time, too. That is why we are excited to bring the Minelab Equinox 600 to Australia, the latest development in detection technology.

Minelab's reputation in the field is hard to beat. With real-world tests in actual goldfields used to certify the efficacy of their products, Minelab offers prospectors a better way to search while still enjoying the same experience they've come to love in the field. What sets this new product apart from others on the market? We can break it down and provide some vital insight into why you might want to buy an Equinox 600 online today.

Faster finds, easier operation, and rugged durability

The fundamental goal behind the Equinox 600 metal detector was to put the power of a high-end scanner into the hands of the hobbyist at a more affordable price. Designed to out-class single-frequency detectors, this product uses a more advanced multi-frequency technology, which scans across multiple levels simultaneously to provide the best chances of detection. The unit also features waterproof construction to make it adaptable for all types of environments. The dedicated detectorist knows that sometimes, gold hides in tough spots.

Though the Equinox line offers much to the experienced prospector, it is also ideal for the newcomer. With multiple pre-sets, it's easy to set up and begin scanning in a variety of conventional detection locations in Australia. The development of a low-latency audio response means that when you pass over a potential nugget, you know immediately where to stop and dig. That is why we are excited that Minelab is bringing the Equinox 600 to Australia, the latest development in detection technology.

Buy your Equinox 600 online today

The art of prospecting today owes a lot to the science behind the once-humble metal detector. With Minelab continuing to push boundaries and enhance the technological solutions available to casual prospectors in Australia, the ability to enjoy this activity to the fullest is easily within reach. Purchasing this item through Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting is simple — but you don't have to buy online without the chance to ask questions! Have a concern or curiosity about how this product might fit into your routine in the field? Let us know. Our experienced prospectors can share their thoughts and discuss the Equinox 600 metal detector in greater depth with you today. To tap into that experience, please call on 03 5221 5400.