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There are plenty of hobbies you might find yourself attracted to in Melbourne, but how many of them offer you the chance to find something valuable? Most hobbies in Melbourne end up costing you money, not lining your pockets. Still, there’s at least one pursuit you can practice up and down Melbourne’s beaches that carry with it the possibility of tangible material reward: gold detection. Melbourne is home to a whole host of avid treasure hunters, beachcombers and explorers who spend their free time searching for valuables in the coastal sands. This kind of modern day prospecting has become increasingly popular in recent years, as metal detection technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and maximises the chance of a favourable outcome.

Whether you’ve only recently considered the idea of prospecting for gold in Melbourne or have been a seasoned treasure hunter for years, it’s worth investing in new equipment to make sure you’re using the best technology out there. For that reason, you might want to buy a new gold detector in Melbourne and hit the sands in your area with confidence. Searching for a reliable gold detector in Australia can take a little research, but the results of thorough comparison shopping are well worth it. To find the best gold detector for your Melbourne prospecting efforts, you’ll want to consider several factors—not the least of which should be its ability to distinguish gold from other minerals.

If you want to buy a gold detector known across Australia for its quality, you’ll be interested in finding a place that sells Minelab detectors. Minelab is way ahead of other metal detectors when it comes to finding gold—in fact, more than 95% of all gold discovered in Australia is found using Minelab products. Purchase a Minelab detector, and you’ll already be a much better prospector. There’s no better gold detector you can buy in Melbourne—indeed, there probably isn’t a better detector available anywhere in Australia.

Where Can I Buy a Minelab Gold Detector in Melbourne?

One of the best ways to buy a Minelab detector in Melbourne is from Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting, a new company setting out to redefine the way people hunt for this precious metal. Lucky Strike carries a wide variety of prospecting tools including pans, sluices, highbankers—and of course, Minelab detectors. With incredible product knowledge and a deep commitment to customer service, we’re able to set you up with exactly the equipment you’ll need to make your next big find. We also serve areas like Cola, Surfcoast, Warrnambool and Geelong.

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