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Coils and Skid Plates

As a business that is passionate about everything prospecting and metal detecting, as well as supplying some of the best quality and best value metal detectors on the market, we also supply an extensive range of coils and skid plates to help elevate your prospecting experience. Our wide range of coils will assist in allowing you to reach greater depths on any make and model unit you have. By choosing to make your purchase through Lucky Strike Gold you can have complete comfort knowing that we only select to supply products that we believe will add value to our customers experience when out prospecting for gold or any other valuables. Depending on the kind of prospecting activities you are undertaking, we stock each coil spec in various sizes and shapes ranging from circular shapes coils through to circular shaped coils from as little as eleven inches in size through to nineteen inches in size. Regardless of your skill level or how seriously you take prospecting, we have a coil and skid plate to suit anyone’s lifestyle and budget. If you want to discuss coils and skid plates in more detail on which one will be best for your use, reach out to Lucky Strike Gold where a helpful team member can assist you.

Our Products

At Lucky Strike Gold we live and breath prospecting and understand the need for the perfect products to complement your valuable metal detector and equipment which is why we stock a wide range of bags, covers, belts and harnesses. After all, if you have invested your hard earned money in a good metal detector you’re likely after some comfort when you’re transporting it out to the next spot by having the right gear to ensure the equipment isn’t damaged in transit or during a prospecting session. Our wide range will suit all sizes so you’re pretty much guaranteed for find the right bag, cover belt or harness you’re after. Being in the field of metal detectors, we have an appreciation that despite the main use is for the outdoors, they are still a delicate piece of equipment you want to take good care of to make sure you can get the most life from. For this reason owning the right bag, cover, belt or harness can assist with longevity of the equipment so you can continue to use it for years to come. We understand the connection you make with your equipment, especially after making a few big finds. For all of your bag, cover, belt or harness needs, have a look at the range Lucky Strike Gold has on offer today and you will not be disappointed.

Quality Accessories

As a supplier of metal detectors and everything to do with metal detectors, we stock all the premium quality metal detectors and with premium quality equipment you’re likely also in the market for premium quality equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned prospector or you’re just starting out, we often have accessories in store that continue to surprise and impress customers as they can make your next prospecting session more functional, effective and comfortable. At Lucky Strike Gold we have a commitment to our customers for having the most extensive range of accessories on offer. We understand that there is more than just the equipment needed for gold prospecting as you could be in need of an array of different accessories such as detecting scoop to help excavate a find you have made and perhaps as a result of a find you could be in need of a utility belt to house some of your finding while you’re out and about. As a knowledge source of everything to do with metal detectors, we have a deep appreciation for gold prospecting as a hobby and lifestyle and know that there is a need for the perfect accessories to help you with the best gold prospecting. With some of our accessories starting from as a few dollars, you will have no problems finding the perfect new accessory to assist with your next adventure.