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Maps, Books and DVDs

At Lucky Strike Gold we thoroughly enjoy educating customers on how to get the most from their metal detectors and prospecting in general. We enjoy sharing all our knowledge with anyone who approaches us and needs advice in this area. Whether it is general advice on how to give themselves the best chance of making their next find, or perhaps just advice on how to better use a metal detector in general, we deliver expert advice with exceptional customer service. The team at Lucky Strike Gold could likely talk to anyone about metal detectors and prospecting for days. However, we understand that customers may not have the time in store or on the phone for our complete crash courses on metal detectors or prospecting which is why we stock a range of maps, books and DVDs. When we begin to see a customer wanting to know more, but we can tell they also might have somewhere to be, we typically will refer them to some of the very knowledgeable content we sell in store. Customers enjoy purchasing maps, books or DVDs that they’re able to digest at their own leisure. If you would also like to attain a wealth of knowledge on detectors and prospecting like the team at Lucky Strike Gold, browse our range of maps, books and DVDs today! They can also make for a fantastic gift too.

Picks, Scoops and Recovery Tools

If you’re seasoned in the area of prospecting you will likely know that detectors are only one aspect of equipment required for a successful prospecting expedition. Despite having an outstanding range of metal detectors in store, we have an equally impressive range of picks, scoops and recovery tools. These accessories become crucial to being able to complete successful prospecting as they can help preserve the finding you uncover and allow you to avoid having to use your own bare hands to uncover your next big find. We have various sizes of picks, scoops and other tools that are likely to satisfy and prospecting requirement you are likely to have. If you ever catch our very own team members our prospecting, you will likely find us relying heavily on these essential accessories to assist us in giving us the best chance of uncovering our next underground surprise. Because we only stock quality accessories, you have full comfort when shopping with us knowing you’re purchasing products that have been thoroughly tried and tested by our very own team.

Quality Detectors

As a store that lives and breathes everything to do with prospecting and detectors, our team boasts
over forty years’ experience in the gold prospecting space. With such extensive experience Lucky Strike Gold have been fortunate enough to see varieties of techniques, methods and technologies used for successful prospecting out in the field. During our time we’ve attained an absolute wealth of knowledge throughout their experiences of panning and detecting for gold and other valuables. The team who are in charge of purchasing detectors and all other items in store at Lucky Strike Gold have knowledge and a deep appreciation for the detectors and all the necessary accessories you might require and all items are critically analysed before being put forward in our store, so when you shop at Lucky Strike Gold, you know that you can shop with full confidence that you’re viewing the best products in the marketplace. At the end of the day, if we wouldn’t personally use the product ourselves you won’t see it listed for sale at our store. If you will only settle for the best metal detectors then you will be coming to the right spot as we can most definitely satisfy your requirements with our wide variety of metal detectors in stock ready to go for that next prospecting adventure you have planned. Being in the space of promising only quality metal detectors to all our customers who choose to shop with us, you will be glad to know that we offer metal detectors with various kinds of features including low battery warning indicators, built in detection alert speakers, automatic ground tracking, fast ground balancing, various audio levels and models in our range offering armrest covers and coil joint protectors. Because we are a fully committed store for metal detectors we pride ourselves on after sales service whereby on selected products, we offer a free day or half day of training valued up to two hundred and forty-seven dollars, a free box cover valued up to seventy dollars and also a free digging scoop valued at fifteen dollars.