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Need Metal Detectors for the Short Term? Hire a Metal Detector in Melbourne Today

You may already be familiar with the resurgence in gold prospecting that has been sweeping Australia over the last several years, but if you aren’t then here’s a primer for you: treasure hunting is back in style, and in a big way. Maybe it has something to do with the high-quality detectors and other prospecting equipment that new technology has made available for the consumer marketplace, or perhaps it has something to do with how much hipsters love “retro” stuff—after all, what’s more retro than ancient buried treasure? In any case, all kinds of people from Melbourne are suddenly embracing this centuries-old hobby with renewed vigour, not to mention some seriously high-tech tools. If you’re thinking about getting in on the fun, read on—we’ll tell you exactly what you need to achieve the best results.

You might have baulked a bit at the words “high-tech” earlier, and that’s understandable. Doesn’t high-tech usually mean “expensive”? Not to worry; there’s an easy way around the price of a quality gold detector these days: just don’t buy one. Instead, consider finding a metal detector for hire in Melbourne. Hiring a metal detector in Melbourne is the best way to try out this engaging hobby without committing to the purchase of your own equipment right away. Who knows? You might even find enough gold on your first outing to buy your own detector before your second.

Hire Metal Detectors at Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting

One of the best places in Melbourne to find a metal detector for hire is Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting, a brand-new business established to help new prospectors start out with top end equipment and let old pros upgrade their toolkits. Lucky Strike operates in Melbourne, also covering the Geelong, Cola, Warrnambool and Surfcoast regions. We carry a broad range of equipment from some of the finest brands in the business, including Minelab detectors, which are the most effective devices for finding gold available to Australian consumers. Hire your equipment from Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting, and you’ll be giving yourself every possible advantage when it comes to your hunt for riches.

Let our Metal Detectors in Melbourne Connect You to a New Community

Prospecting isn’t just about the chance of stumbling across a valuable item or rare artefact. It’s also an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals who share your sense of curiosity and taste for the unknown. When you visit Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting, you’ll get a glimpse into this eclectic circle of treasure hunters. After all, we’re quickly becoming known as one of the city’s most comprehensive resources for prospecting equipment, which means we’re attracting some of the most knowledgeable prospectors in the area. A lot of them even work for us! We’re more than happy to talk about our love for prospecting too, so visiting us is an excellent way to learn about using your equipment, finding interesting locations and joining up with other hobbyists. Contact us today for more information.