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Minelab Releasing New Pro Find 15 and 35 Pinpointers; Keep an Eye on Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting to Get the New Models in Melbourne or Throughout Australia

Minelab has announced plans to discontinue the Pro Find 25 pinpointer metal detector and replace it with two new models: the Minelab Pro Find 15 and the Minelab Pro Find 35. So far, it isn’t 100% clear when Minelab will be making the switch. However, if you want to get your hands on the Pro Find 15 in Melbourne (or anywhere else in Australia), watch for announcements on our detectors page. We will be carrying the new Pro Find 15 and 35 models when they become available.

The New Models: What to Expect from the Minelab Pro Find 15 and 35

What should you expect when you buy a new Pro Find 15 in Australia? While the release date of Minelab’s latest products remains unclear, the features at least are evident.

The Minelab Pro Find 25 has long been a popular supplementary tool or accessory for prospectors and metal detector enthusiasts. The device is not a full metal detector. Rather, it is a pen-sized tool that users can count on to help them zero in on the location of a metal item, or to find a gold nugget in a compact space. Since standard metal detectors are so large, they aren’t always ideal for smaller areas. The Minelab Pro Find 25 has worked as an effective metal detecting solution in situations where a standard sized metal detector wouldn’t fit.

The new Pro Find series pinpointers will serve the same primary function as the Pro Find 25. Both the Minelab Pro Find 15 and the Pro Find 35 retain the compact, pen-sized design of the Pro Find 25. Both detectors can pinpoint exact locations of gold and other metals in small spaces.

If you decide to buy the Pro Find 15 in Melbourne upon release, you will be getting the base model. According to Minelab, the Pro Find 15 was designed with ‘simplicity and ease of use’ in mind. The device boasts a splash-proof design and an audio indicator to let users know when it’s found metal. The bright orange-yellow handle makes the device hard to misplace.

The Pro Find 35, meanwhile, adds a slew of extra features into the mix. This more advanced pinpointer trades the splash-proof design of the Minelab Pro Find 15 for full waterproof protection and up to three metres of depth. Instead of just audio indication for treasure finds, the device includes audio and vibration. Prospectors can also adjust the sensitivity of the device—a configurable setting that could prove incredibly useful for finding very small metallic objects.

Buy Your Minelab Pro Find 15 or 35 Device in Australia

If you are interested in buying a Minelab Pro Find 15 or 35 device in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting can help. We will have both models available for purchase as soon as they are available in Australia. To learn more, feel free to give us a call on 03 5221 5400.