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‘Do I Need a Pinpointer?’ Why the Minelab Pro Find 35 Is a Good Buy for Prospectors in Melbourne and Australia-Wide

‘Do I need a pinpointer?’

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions in the metal detector community. With the release of the brand new Minelab Pro Find 35—a premium pinpointer model—drawing closer, the question is once again a favourite topic of conversation among prospectors. We’re here to set the record straight.

Need vs. Want: What You Need to Know about Pinpointers

Technically, you don’t need a pinpointer to be a successful prospector or to enjoy the metal detecting experience. If you have a decent quality metal detector device already, you have what you need to start finding gold nuggets and other treasures buried in the ground. There is a reason that beginners start with a metal detector and a metal detector only.

With that said, ‘need’ is only part of the equation. While you can enjoy the metal detecting experience just fine without a pinpointer, many prospectors won’t hunt without them. Even once you get an indication on your metal detector and start digging in the ground, it can take a lot of time to find what pinged the detector. Pinpointers are great for zeroing in on the location of whatever you are looking for, thereby reducing the amount of time you spend digging around in the ground.

The forthcoming Minelab Pro Find 35 is going to be a very powerful pinpointer with a lot of cool features. It’s waterproof up to three metres, has sound and vibration indicators, and allows users to adjust its sensitivity. These features make the benefits of hunting with a pinpointer even more pronounced. The pairing of sound and vibration indicators makes it easier to notice when you get a ping on your detector, while the adjustable sensitivity will be extremely helpful for finding exact locations for buried treasures, especially smaller items.

The release date for the Pro Find 35 in Australia has not yet been announced. However, we do know that the pinpointer will be released along with a lower priced base model called the Pro Find 15. If you aren’t sure whether you need a pinpointer or would enjoy hunting with one, you might try the Pro Find 15 to get a sense for what these devices can do.

Buy the Pro Find 35 in Melbourne, Sydney, or Anywhere in Australia

If you are interested in the Minelab Pro Find 35, keep an eye on the Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting website. Once the Pro Find 35 is available in Australia, we will be selling it on our webstore. The Pro Find 15 will also be available. We currently have stock left of the Pro Find 25, the pinpointer that Minelab is discontinuing and replacing with the new 15 and 35 models.

Whether you are shopping for the Pro Find 35 in Melbourne, in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, buy through Lucky Strike Gold Prospecting. We can ship anywhere in Australia. Call us on 03 5221 5400 to enquire about Pro Find 35 release information—including dates, prices, and shipping rates.