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Premium-quality Detectors

With over forty years’ experience in the gold prospecting field, the team at Lucky Strike Gold have learned a few things throughout their experiences of panning and detecting for gold and other valuables and know what kind of technology you need to best equip yourself for your next search. Our purchasing team personally vet all detectors and items that we list on our website. This gives all our buyers peace of mind that some due diligence has been carried out even if you don’t have the knowledge or time to research a product. If we wouldn’t personally use the product ourselves you won’t see it listed for sale at our store. As far as our range is concerned, you’ll benefit shopping at our store from finding a wide variety of gold detectors, coin and relic detectors and beach detectors. As a leader in supplying the highest quality detectors you can find on the market, the type of options you will you find on the detectors in our store range from features such as low battery warning indicators, built in detection alert speakers, automatic ground tracking, fast ground balancing, various audio levels and models in our range offering armrest covers and coil joint protectors. With the purchase of premium products also comes a premium service. As a commitment to our customers on selected products, we offer a free day or half day of training valued up to two hundred and forty-seven dollars to enable you to feel confident in the use of your metal detector.

Hiring Gold or Metal Detectors Australia

As a business the team at Lucky Strike Gold live and breathe gold and metal detectors, and we love hearing first hand from our customers on their experiences of using a metal detector. As part of this excitement we share we offer you the opportunity to hire some of our latest and best metal detectors. You might be looking to take on metal detecting as a hobby, business venture, one-off activity or perhaps you have lost something that’s valuable to you and you’re hoping to recover it through the use of a gold or metal detector. At Lucky Strike Gold we have a range of four different models of detectors you can hire from us on a per day basis from sixty-five dollars per day with the option of multiple day hire. All we need from you is payment for the hire, a fully refundable five hundred dollar bond and three forms of ID including a photo ID of you to verify yourself before we can hand the detector over to you. We love to hear the stories our customers return with after taking out a detector for the day. Some of our customers have had some fantastic success stories of finding lost valuables like engagement rings, car keys and wallets. Others have had luck on their side and were able to bag some gold nuggets on their day out detecting in the goldfields. Sometimes, the greatest part can be spending time in the great outdoors with friends and family and going on an adventure to find some treasure. The payoffs of hiring a gold or metal detector can be endless.

Enjoying Prospecting

Do you enjoy a sense of adventure? Prospecting could be the perfect recreational pursuit for you. At Lucky Strike Gold we love everything about prospecting. This is an activity that is great for any one going solo or for groups of people wether it is you and family members, friends or even work colleagues as it can make for fantastic team building. So, you might be a little new to this and you could be asking yourself are there any special skills involved? What equipment do I need? Where do I go to do prospecting? Our team are often getting these kinds of questions in store from individuals and groups who have been considering prospecting. Quite simply, all you need to get started is a sense of adventure and a metal detector. Obviously a more serious prospector will be fully equipped with all types of gear, however if you’re just starting out or wanting to give it a try, just get your hands on a metal detector, there’s no fancy skills needed. Now you might be thinking where would I go to get my hands on a gold nugget? Or perhaps find some valuable jewellery? There’s an array of locations you can head out to for your search. If you’re specifically chasing gold, you can try old goldfields, mineral exploration areas, ghost towns, or even try your luck in old gold mining sites. If you’re not particularly fussed on what you find you can try using your detector in abandoned sites, beaches, show grounds and even parks and playgrounds. We look forward to hearing about your next adventure and would love to hear about your next find. Our detectors are premium-quality and we offer nothing but exceptional customer service.