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Book Vaughan Garrett’s Fave Finds


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Gold. Silver. Jewellery. Ancient artifacts. Most people who take to the field with a metal detector are in search of “bucket list” items. Vaughan Garrett, son of the founders of Garrett Metal Detectors, has spent the past decade reviewing tens of thousands of photos sent in by his company’s loyal customers as part of a monthly “Favorite Finds” contest.

Filled with color photos, this book celebrates hundreds of the customer submissions in the past ten years—those chosen by Vaughan as his monthly favorites, and many others that he found to be equally impressive.

Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Finds is proof that great things await those who venture forth into our great outdoors to pursue the rewarding sport of metal detecting. Armed with a metal detector and a sense of adventure, your next sweep of the searchcoil might just pinpoint one of Vaughan’s next favorite finds!