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Crevice Sucka

Introducing Nugget Ned’s 2nd yabbie pump attachment – the Crevice Sucka. This great little device features an aluminium tube to fit into the tightest of crevices.

Some crevices can hold abundant amounts of gold because they are worked a lot less often and act as gold gravity traps.
With the Crevice Sucka you will now have access to these elusive gold deposits.

The Crevice Sucka has a great feature called the ‘Nugget Trap’ which means that it can continue to suck up gold pay dirt and it won’t fall out. When full, simply unscrew the attachment in half, empty into your pan and keep on sucking!

Compatible with all standard 50mm yabbie pumps and really easy to install. Simply slide it over your yabbie pump and tighten the stainless steel hose clamp. Also includes printed tips & tricks card.

Tips & Tricks

1. Check your yabbie pumps suction gauge (The wingnut inside the bottom of the cylinder). Loosen to reduce your suction. Tighten to increase your suction. It will take some trial and error to get optimum suction in conjunction with the Crevice Sucka.

2. Ensure the nugget trap compartment is firmly pushed onto the other half of the Crevice Sucka. However do not push this on too tightly or else it will be a struggle to pull off again.

3. Push on the attachment onto your yabbie pump as far as it will go.

4. Position the hose clamp to be covering the lower side of the cut in the PVC. Tighten with a screwdriver.

5. If your yabbie pump is too tense to operate or too loose and not pulling up material, repeat steps 1 – 4.

6. After you have sucked up your gold bearing material it will be caught in the Nugget Trap. Simply unscrew the attachment in half and empty the contents into your gold pan.

7. Suck up as much gold as your heart desires!


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