Why Choose Lucky Strike Gold?

As the leading supplier of gold prospecting equipment and detector hire, Lucky Strike Gold shares the same massive passion as you when it comes to anything and everything to do with gold prospecting. So, as a customer, who should you choose to help you with your prospecting? It will be the pleasure of our lovely team to explain why we are uniquely positioned to service all your gold prospecting requirements and needs. With our massive range of stock in store aside, lets delve into why Lucky Strike Gold are unrivalled in the area of gold prospecting and the supply of detectors. At Lucky Strike Gold we live and breathe everything related to gold prospecting. When you speak to us about gold prospecting you will feel the great energy our team has on the topic because this is pretty much our life. Getting out and prospecting has so many great benefits that you and your friends and family can enjoy and we love to hear the stories our customers come back with. Sometimes our customers come back to us with details of some life changing finds they’ve made; other times our customers return and tell us that although they didn’t make any significant find, being out in the great outdoors, exploring with family and friends was a wonderful bonding time for everyone. At Lucky Strike Gold we want to hear your stories because the stories that come from the products we supply are our most valuable asset.

Accessories for You

So, you have made the purchase of one of our premium, quality detectors and you have now realised that after a few outings with your detector you need something to place all your valuable findings into. At Lucky Strike Gold we have a commitment to our customers for having the most extensive range of accessories on offer for our customers. We understand that there is more than just the equipment needed for gold prospecting as you could be in need of an array of different accessories such as a detecting scoop to help dig up a find and, perhaps as a result of a find, you could be in need of a utility belt to house some of your findings while you’re out and about. We know that gold prospecting isn’t just a hobby, rather it is a lifestyle and that there is a need for the perfect accessory to help you live the best gold prospecting lifestyle you can. At Lucky Strike Gold we have such a wide range of accessories that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find what you are looking for at our store. With some of our accessories starting from as little as one dollar you will have an absolute field day browsing through the accessories in our store and you will likely find accessories you never realised existed that could help you improve your gold prospecting game. There’s more to it than owning a detector to have a successful gold prospecting trip.


Boasting over sixty years’ of valuable experience in the gold prospecting field, the team at Lucky Strike Gold have gained valuable insights throughout their experiences of panning and detecting for gold and other valuables and we appreciate the level of technology you need to best equip yourself for your next search. With a highly trained and knowledgeable team that personally test all detectors that we list on our website you can have piece of mind that professionals have approved the equipment we sell. As a leader in supplying the highest quality detectors you can find on the market, the type of options you will you find on the detectors in our store range from features such as low battery warning indicators, built in detection alert speakers, automatic ground tracking, fast ground balancing, various audio levels and models in our range offering armrest covers and coil joint protectors. When purchasing a premium product you can also expect the most premium service. As a commitment to our customers on selected products, we offer the best free full day or half day of training valued at up to two hundred and forty-seven dollars depending on which detector you buy.