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Quality Clothing for Prospecting

Whether you are starting out prospecting or are a seasoned veteran, having quality clothing is absolutely essential for a number of reasons. For starters, most people do not realise just how often metal is used in clothing; from buttons, to zippers to even parts of caps so you want to make sure that any clothing or accessories you use does not interfere with the detectors. Another major reason is for those who are out with their metal detectors on their mission, a lot of time the search does take you across rougher and different types of terrain. Having quality gaiters are important to protect your legs from scratches, grass seeds, spinifex needles and the range of prickles and spikes that can come from walking in the bushes. With summer approaching as well, having that extra layer of protection from snakebites is also something to be mindful of, as well as spider bites too, if you are somebody who does take their detectors through grasses and any scrubland. At Lucky Strike Gold, the gaiters we have for purchase are designed just for these conditions. Made out of canvas or leather, and even coming in larger leather sizes for those who need them, we want to ensure that while you are out with your metal detectors you are wearing just the gear for prospecting. Since prospectors also spend hours outdoors, having the right headwear is important to protect you from the conditions. Caps for summer and beanies for winter, we have quality clothing to protect you throughout the year.

Choosing a Detector

If you are new to the skill of prospecting, choosing from the metal detectors for sale can be an overwhelming experience. Knowing your budget is also important, as the price range for metal detectors can go from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, to even closer to the ten thousands of dollars, with various accessories on offer, it may be a wise idea to start with something cheaper first as you can always upgrade down the track. Choosing the right detector is about figuring out exactly how you are planning to use the detector, your experience level and where you plan to use it. At Lucky Strike Gold, we have a range of detectors for those wanting to try a new hobby with the family on the weekends, to those who are wanting to get serious as well as for those who are veterans in the game. For those who are inexperienced, choosing a less expensive but still a good quality detector is a great way to determine whether this activity is for you and since the majority of them are easy to assemble, it is simple to get started. As you become more experienced, there are kits you can buy and other detectors that will go deeper. If you need some help getting started and making the right choice, contact us and we can help you choose from our range of detectors to get you kitted out with the right one for you so you can get out and about as soon as possible.

Gold panning and Sluicing

As well as using detectors to search for metals in the ground and other earthy terrains, there has been a long tradition of panning and sluicing for metals, which is why at Lucky Strike Gold we stock all the equipment you need. There is something almost romantic in the activity of gold panning and sluicing so head to our website to find just the right gear to get you started. We have a range of kits, along with individual items that you need, from the pans and sluice boxes themselves, to plastic droppers, mats and other accessories. Just like with the metal detectors, depending on your skill and experience level, we have different products to suit those who are wanting to just give it a go, to those who take more a professional level interest. With pans and sluice boxes coming in a range of different sizes, styles and even colours, we are sure to have something that strikes your fancy. So take your metal detecting to another level and engage in an activity that has been in Australia for generations, getting back to the roots of many people who helped pioneer this country.